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Founded and run by artists, PROOF focuses on showing the cutting-edge purveyors of creativity. The gallery works to unite disparate, progressive strands of contemporary art practice.

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Comiplations 09-16

Lucas Dupuy

Preview:Thursday 6th October

Exhibition: 7th Oct - 20th October

PROOF LONDON are proud to present ‘Compilations 09-16’ a solo show of print based works by Lucas Dupuy that combine digital and analogue processes. COMPILATIONS 09-16 Over the past 7 years Dupuy has shot and collected traditional 35mm film photography of his travels and surroundings. Alongside this, he has developed his practice from his formative years using windows paint and early versions of Photoshop as an extension to his practice..  From the viewpoint of a painter these new compositions are born from a culmination of the aforementioned techniques and processes. Using Photoshop as the medium, he has been creating compositions with 35mm photographs and working on top of them with various tools within the program. Combining the effects of photography and line is a means to challenge the popular conception of painting; they appear as paintings, but reveal something different to what a painting portrays.    Rebelling against traditional traits that define a “painting”, Dupuy’s latest works knowingly leave us to question our own personal definitions of what makes a painting.

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