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  • This Concerns Everyone

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Welcome to PROOF

About us.

Founded and run by artists, PROOF focuses on showing the cutting-edge purveyors of creativity. The gallery works to unite disparate, progressive strands of contemporary art practice.

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26 Cheshire St. London. E2 6EH

0203 689 3239

Opening times.

Monday - Friday / 12 - 4pm

Saturday - Sunday / 11 - 4pm




This Concerns Everyone

An exhibition of new paintings by artists Sean Rennison Phillips and Toby Curtis alongside multimedia works by the show's curator Joe J Robinson.

Opening 5th MAY from 6:30pm

Showing 6th MAY - 29th May 2016

From Impressionism to Graffiti art, from Dada to the Situationists, to the present day and everything in between - creativity lives with the rebellious artist. Joe J Robinson

Through rigorous exploration of their theory and technique, these artists each assert innovative and progressive positions of practice. Equating individualism and autonomy of thought with unhindered creative action, This Concerns Everyone makes claim for liberated artistic language as an inherent, vital force of cultural freedom through the perpetual and cumulative interplay of ideas and aesthetics. This notion is anti-elitist by nature, indeed - it concerns everyone.

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