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  • The Wanderers

    Showing Feb 4th - Feb 28th

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Founded and run by artists, PROOF focuses on showing the cutting-edge purveyors of creativity. The gallery works to unite disparate, progressive strands of contemporary art practice.

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The Wanderers

New works by Miha Kosmac and Vents137.

Opening 4th Feb from 6:30pm

Showing 4th Feb - 28th February 2015

There is a physical poetry intrinsic to rail travel; the railway is more than tracks and train stock. From the wild west to today’s migrant crisis, the movement of people and community has followed the history of the train. The memories and dreams of its users are ingrained into its metallic surfaces.

Of course it was on the trains of 1970s New York City that a revolution changed the face of visual culture forever – graffiti art. For those art rebels of NYC, trains were not just a canvas, they were a physical embodiment of creative freedom and rebellion.

No surprise then that artists Vents137 and Miha Kosmach take trains as a subject matter. Inspired by the language of graffiti, the paintings – playful but sincere – reflect the artists’ personal relationship with rail travel in a fittingly dynamic surge of form, colour and character.

Works from this show are available here.

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