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Preview: Thursday 2nd June
Exhibition: 3rd June - 3rd July


I equate free expression in art to freedom in life itself.  That same spirit of radical innovation which drives creative action is that which drives forward thinking progression in culture.  This is freedom built on lucid exchange of ideas and is intrinsically rebellious towards stagnant modes of authority.  It is through free, cumulative expression of art and knowledge that humanity might expect to know cohesion and find its future place amidst the infinite and the ineffable.  Joe J Robinson, Curator


PROOF London is proud to present 100°Proof, a group show of undiluted creative innovation; featuring unseen painting, multimedia work and sculpture from: Eric Haacht, Tony Savas, GMoney, Jamie Krooks, Ceres, Chris Arundel and Vigo.  As diverse in their creative backgrounds as they are in their ways of working, these artists all share an unmitigated desire to channel their creative powers in the most direct and uncompromising fashion and in doing so affirm the vitality of artistic culture in London today.


Eric Haacht


Tony Savas




Jamie Krooks




Chris Arundel