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'VIGO (aka. VIGOE, VIGOR, The VIG) is an artist, illustrator and graffiti writer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.'

‘My recent studio work is an attempt to fuse the forms of art that have dominated my life so far. Before becoming entirely submerged in the graffiti lifestyle, the biggest art influence in my life was comic book and graphic novel illustration. I was literally addicted and at one stage collected so many titles I couldn’t even find time to read them. Later in my teenage years, as I became more engaged with outdoor pursuits, I abruptly left behind my roots in the comic shops. I still drop in from time to time and pick up occasional titles, but I have difficultly finding comics that stimulate me in the same way Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’ first captured my interest all those years ago. In my most recent paintings and specifically the piece I’m exhibiting at Proof Gallery, I have used a cell structure similar to that in comic books, to guide the viewer through a kind of cut and paste narrative of various influences that have caught my attention and stuck in my subconscious. These elements are thrust together into a vague timeline that brings us right to the current day with new influences like Sean Phillips and Chris Ware also present. I feel this piece gives an insight into my train of thought and shows something closer to me, more of a personal journey than any of the other work I have made previously.’ - Vigo



100°Proof opens on 2nd June and continues to July 3rd at Proof Gallery London E2.