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Ermsy - 'Say No To Soft Drugs'

The work of Ermsy is rooted in various disciplines, from graffiti through to illustration and comic art. A self-confessed graphic addict, Ermsy is immersed in a world of obscure graphic imagery and art reference points.

His work has been shown across the globe at galleries in Glasgow, Bristol, London, NY, LA and more. He has painted across South America, Canada and Europe over a career spanning more than 20 years. He has also realised commercial projects for the likes of 10Deep, Mishka, Trainerspotter, Converse and Ecko Unlimited.

The show will feature 50 prints from Ermsy‘s own Adihash Editions label.

Exploring pop culture references from bootleg t-shirts to international comic art, artist Ermsy shows the imaginary unconscious of cartoon characters. He has created a unique and highly personal universe for us to explore, in which dreams and the unconscious mind blur with comic book reality.

Artworks from this show are currently available HERE.

If you missed the opening, here's a video re-cap: