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Thrifty Egos - Gent 48 x Newso 48

'Thrifty Egos' - GENT48 & NEWSO.

A new series of collaborative works by GENT48 & NEWSO.


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THRIFTYEGOS is an exhibition of collaborative paintings by GENT and NEWSO - FORTYEIGHTS. The UK based graffiti artists share a strong visual identity and have been painting walls together for over a decade.

Over the last few years they have completed several large commercial commissions based on this style of work and they continue to push their collaboration style in new ways. This show promises a fresh take on their work together, including abstracted letterforms and contemporary figurative illustration.

Graffiti is a game of egos, writing on walls, getting by and making do. THRIFTYEGOS is an anagram of FORTYEIGHTS their crew name that is an anagram of TOYFIGHTERS.


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  • September 03, 2015
  • PROOF London