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Momentum - Vidam & Look



MOMENTUM is a two-man show showcasing new paintings by artists LOOK and VIDAM. These new series’ of works both touch on similar topics and demonstrate complimenting styles in abstraction and figuration.  


In this new body of work, LOOK has placed his focus on topics of both
movement and time, frozen into a visual abstraction. He says of this “I wanted to show the moment of change through the distortion of the human body as a visualisation which is like a time capsule for me.”

This acts as the centre of his latest works displayed here, which deal with themes of refugees, climate change, migration and the allocation of wealth and peace on the planet and the resulting problems of these.


Also showing a series of new works, VIDAM unveils his latest series titled
“Escapism” which showcases happy people celebrating together. Taking cues from the Hungarian translation of his name (Vidam translates to mean happy), this series of works captures a celebration of life and love of friends.

Meanwhile the works are to be understood as a juxtaposition, to highlight the contrast between the hedonistic approach of seeking happiness and
escapism by members of the urban “generation Y” and the current situations refugees are facing in order escape from the more serious problems in their home countries.



LOOK | Lars Wunderlich was born in 1981 in Mecklenburg, former East Germany. Drawn to the act of painting and drawing in early childhood, the creative drive never left him, especially after he discovered graffiti in 1996. Fascinated by all the aspects of aerosol art, graffiti became his favourite technique and expression channel and remains so to this day. Having studied in Greifswald in 2001, LOOK continued his schooling in Berlin, which marked a new era in his career as it was here that he met his long-time studio partner VIDAM. Their studio is still active and the pair have exhibited extensively across Europe and beyond.

VIDAM | Attila Szamosi was born 1983 in Budapest and raised in a small village in Germany. His youth was coined by comics and the art of flyer design, so he decided to move to Berlin after his school years to become a designer himself. While studying Graphic Design at the HTW he made contact with LOOK and discovered that his real passion was in painting and image-making. To underline his temper and roots, Attila decided to go under the alias of Vidam, which means happy in Hungarian. A combination of abstraction, anonymous characters, clean lines, smooth calming colours and fluid shapes symbolize transformation and balance throughout his work.

  • October 01, 2015
  • PROOF London