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Joe J Robinson looks back on his curatorial residency this year at PROOF

At the end of his curatorial residency at PROOF, Joe J Robinson shares some of his photos looking back over his series of shows which include This Concerns Everyone100°ProofHypercube and more; with thanks to: 
Sean Rennison Phillips 
Toby Curtis 
Eric Haacht 
Tony Savas 
Jamie Krooks 
Chris Arundel 
Daniel J Norie 
Joshua T Gibbons 


This Concerns Everyone:







I equate free expression in art to freedom in life itself.  That same spirit of radical innovation which drives creative action is that which drives forward thinking progression in culture.  This is freedom built on lucid exchange of ideas and is intrinsically rebellious towards stagnant modes of authority.  It is through free, cumulative expression of art and knowledge that humanity might expect to know cohesion and find its future place amidst the infinite and the ineffable.  Joe J Robinson