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Keith Baugh - New Paintings at London Westbank Gallery




London Westbank Gallery held a show of Keith Baugh’s recent paintings and his now iconic 1970‘s graffiti photography.




Baugh was one of few prescient photographers or artists who observed the importance of the graffiti revolution, from the outside, in early 1970s NYC. As a photographer, Baugh captured the creative uproar of the trains.




An accomplished painter, Baugh’s new pieces present a 1970's NYC simultaneously heightened in its reality and yet painstakingly accurate in detail. Graffiti and trains feature prominently, as does ghetto architecture, Cadillacs and neon billboards - arranged and rearranged for dramatic effect.




Baugh’s landscape is bright, tactile and enounces a spirit of rock n roll. For the graffiti fan, it is to our benefit that he was taking photos in 1973; for the art viewer, it is to our benefit that he is making paintings in 2015.

Keith Baugh

London Westbank Gallery