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The Amazing World of M C Escher at Dulwich Picture Gallery

So let us then try to climb the mountain, not by stepping on what is below us, but to pull us up at what is above us, for my part at the stars; amen.

- M C Escher


Few artists have entered the public consciousness quite like M C Escher, whose work has had as much appeal to red-eyed heavy stoners as to leading theoretical mathematicians. Champions of the Dutch printmaker's work include mathematical-physicist Roger Penrose and hard rocking Mick Jagger. Produced from the 1920s until his death in 1972, Escher’s art crossed into similar thematic territories as René Magritte and other Surrealists yet he operated with wilful independence from the artistic avant-garde, inspired instead by developments and ideas in mathematics and science.

Escher's exploration of ineffable concepts is rigorous and precise in execution. Moving beyond aesthetic concerns, Escher's work is genuinely dizzying in scope - probing meditations on metaphysics, the geometry of nature, infinity, the fallibility of perception and the obscurity of reality.

Open until January 17th 2016, the Dulwich Picture Gallery, London SE21, presents the first comprehensive UK exhibition of Escher's life and work. Arranged chronologically and complete with biographic information, The Amazing World of M C Escher is unmissable.


 Phosphorescent Sea, 1933


Hand With Reflecting Sphere, 1935


Cycle, 1938 


 Balcony, 1945


 Magic Mirror, 1946


Other World, 1947


Stars, 1948


Bond of Union, 1956


The Amazing World of M C Escher