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Shatterproof - Group Show


New works by Daniel Hennessy, Christopher Stead, Lucas Dupuy and Sean Rennison Phillips.

 - Showing 10th Dec - 10th January 2015

In an age of redevelopment in the pursuit of financial gain London is rapidly losing the venues and locations for its strongest export, culture. Often facing ridicule at its conception, criticism from outsiders and even persecution from the law, culture uncontrollably forms in its own organic vision. As Shoreditch increasingly falls victim to corporate chains and the pre-fab values of pound sterling, Proof Gallery has remained vigilant, bringing together artists for an exhibition rooted in London’s organic cultural heritage.

Providing a window into a particular evolutionary pathway of London sub-culture, Shatter-Proof introduces four artists with a strong practice born out of subversive behaviour and now fostered by art education. United by aesthetic, and taste in lifestyle pursuits it is clear that Daniel Hennessy, Christopher Stead, Lucas Dupuy and Sean Rennison Phillips have all engaged in extra “not so curricular” activities. Raves, light criminality and other traditions synonymous with the arse-end of drum’n’bass are quickly discredited by society, fingers pointing towards the broken window theory. However in this case these cultural traits have provided terra firma, from which the artists could build upon and progress.

Currently armed with the tools of education Daniel Hennessy, Christopher Stead, Lucas Dupuy and Sean Rennison Phillips explore interests in the visual vernacular of a tribe, the abuse of subversive culture as commodity, nostalgia of  environment’s, and status definition within power structures respectively. To highlight this infusion of academic process with culturally informed practice Proof Gallery is accompanying the artwork with a personal statement from each artist, shedding light on theories and influences in their idea development.

  • December 02, 2015
  • PROOF London