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Graffiti - New York Meets The Dam at Amsterdam Museum

Graffiti - New York Meets The Dam continues at the Amsterdam Museum until 24th January 2016.


The exhibition begins by exploring the work and culture of 1970s punk graffiti writers in Amsterdam such at Dr. Rat.


The focus moves on to the train writers of New York City and includes photography, black book works and video interviews as well as 3D recreations of painted trains and buildings.


There is a great selection of canvas work by many pioneering graffiti kings including Rammellzee and his Iconoclast Panzerist theories and works.


The influence of the NYC writers on their Amsterdam counterparts is explored not only through photography and canvas work but also by the inclusion of personal objects collected by the writers, such as denim jackets, record sleeves, letters of communication between writers and bedroom furniture covered in tags.


The train, street and canvas work of many Amsterdam kings is displayed in all its glory.


The museum showcases the current work of certain Amsterdam writers as they move into wider art circles - for example the recent work of Shoe and his theories of Abstract Vandalism.

Detailed, informative, innovative, resonant - Graffiti - New York Meets the Dam is a tour de force.