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VENTS137 & MIHA KOSMAC - 'The Wanderers'

‘The Wanderers’
Preview: Thursday 4 February 6:30 - 9pm
Exhibition: 4 Feb. - 28 Feb. 2016

PROOF London is proud to present The Wanderers, a two-man exhibition of paintings by artists Vents137 and Miha Kosmac.

There is a physical poetry intrinsic to rail travel; the railway is more than tracks and train stock.  From the wild west to today’s migrant crisis, the movement of people and community has followed the history of the train.  The memories and dreams of its users are ingrained into its metallic surfaces.           

Of course it was on the trains of 1970s New York City that a revolution changed the face of visual culture forever – graffiti art.  For those art rebels of NYC, trains were not just a canvas, they were a physical embodiment of creative freedom and rebellion.

No surprise then that artists Vents137 and Miha Kosmach take trains as a subject matter.  Inspired by the language of graffiti, the paintings – playful but sincere – reflect the artists’ personal relationship with rail travel in a fittingly dynamic surge of form, colour and character.

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VENTS137 is an artist from the South West of England, currently living and working in Bristol, UK. Alongside his gallery output he has been contributing to graffiti culture for nearly 2 decades and his work frequently explores and references the rich history of this energetic and rebellious art movement.

From his early beginnings photographing trains with his father to his fixation with 1960’s and 70’s comic illustration, his works are a playful combination of obsession and an inquisitive mind. Visually, his work combines layered texture and wash with his unique and hyper detailed aerosol line work.

Working with a colour palette balanced between the sepia scale of bygone animated commercials and the neutral tones of 1980’s car paint, used by the graffiti forefathers, allow his work to remain subtle yet sure footed.

Miha Kosmac

MIHA KOSMAC alias Planet Rick is an artist from Slovenia, currently living and working in London, UK. Unrestricted by style, Kosmac’s output often highlights his restlessness of mind and spirit, wandering between his distinct styles as soon as he feels too familiar or predictable in what he is creating.

Heavily influenced by the paintings he produces as Planet Rick, his upcoming exhibition presents a series of paintings that can be described as modern Impressionism. Academy educated but rooted within the street culture he actively participates in.

Growing up in a city, Kosmac frequently traveled by bus, making train journeys somewhat of a treat, a special occasion. Visually, the train offered him countless possibilities through image-making; the complexity of the engine, the windows and their reflection of the outside world, the face and rear of the machine, the tracks in which it’s route is pre-defined. Spiritually, the romantic notion of constant motion is something Kosmac heavily identifies with. Through repetitive drawing and obsession with this marvel of modernism, the artist presents heavily stylised and abstract colour compositions that form a bright camouflaged plain across the canvas.