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'A-4-11' by CERES and GMONEY


London is proud to present 'A-4-11', a two-man exhibition of drawings and paintings by artists CERES and GMONEY.

Preview: Thursday 7 April 6:30 - 9pm
Exhibition: 7 April - 1 May 2016

During 2012 and 2013, CERES and GMONEY spent their time locked up in various HMP establishments, including time together in Wormwood Scrubs’ cell A-4-11 for conspiracy to paint graffiti on trains. That cell, in all its limited resources, became their art studio and the work from that studio led to new techniques, ideas and innovations for both artists. PROOF is proud to present ‘A-4-11’, an exhibition of CERES’ and GMONEY’s latest, un-shown works which embody the spirit of freedom and invention in which the artists live their lives and make their art.


A-4-11 is the cell CERES and GMONEY shared together in HMP Wormwood Scrubs as co-defendants, having been sentenced to 22 and 21 months in prison for Conspiracy to cause Criminal Damage to trains. Ironically, whilst on bail for 3 years prior to sentencing, they’d been banned from any interaction together. They filled their time in this cell, drawing, reminiscing and coming up with ideas to complete together during their stay and upon their release. Before they could realise the majority of these ideas, GMoney was shipped out to HMP Wayland and shortly afterwards, Ceres made the short journey to HMP Brixton.

The collection of work at ‘A-4-11’ was completed either whilst serving their sentences or developed later from ideas conceived whilst imprisoned. The show also features collaborative paintings, which appropriate the prison systems colour palette as well as some of the tools used by inmates to make marks, such as lighters and biro ink.

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CERES, aka The Taffy, is an artist from Cardiff who began painting trains in the late nineties, and continued prolifically for over a decade all over the world.

Since his release from prison, he has had a successful one man show in Newcastle and has shown work in galleries in Wales and England. He has also published numerous books and zines of his photographs and drawings.

His work is influenced not only by the mark making, typography, cities and train lines of his past exploits but also from the maps and topography of his native Wales, especially the cuttings and brutal character of the slate quarries of North Wales, where his forefathers worked.



GMONEY is an artist from Swindon, currently living and working in London. He spent years travelling nomadically around England and Europe painting trains and subways and soaking in the free living that went hand and hand with this culture. Over recent years he has placed more focus developing his graphic and print based work, a transition solidified during his time served at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Since then he has released a set of limited edition prints, which all sold out, as well as taking part in some group exhibitions. His work reflects past experiences inspired by influential people and places as well as his love of transport systems and travel.