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Interview with Hypercube artist Daniel J Norie

Just as the hypercube transcends three-dimensional space, so too art transcends the limitations of quotidian existence.  Photography, video, conceptualism, painting, installation and beyond - art today channels multiple discourses, mediating experience, truth and reality.

A multimedia exploration at the radical frontiers of artistic action, HYPERCUBE is: the tactile physicality of Daniel J Norie's installations; Joe J Robinson's mathematical, architectural abstractions; the harnessing of light itself in the analogue photography of Joshua T Gibbons. 



a geometrical figure in four or more dimensions which is analogous to a cube in three dimensions.

BM – How do you select the objects that eventually make up your works?

DJN - I am an artist of salvage - I am open to the possibility of objects coming or even ‘flying’ into my field of vision or personal space from any direction or source - I do not know beforehand when or where this will happen, I only know that it does so on a regular and frequent basis. I am helped by the objects that I salvage - we are both the presence and the combined personality of the temporarily final piece. The objects ‘speak’ to me and place themselves through my agency into my works. 


BM – Do you have a particular aesthetic or image in mind, or do the found objects dictate the feel of a piece?

DJN – We work in parallel, together in a visual and psychological conversation - my work transpires as a result of relationships between the various elements that make it up. I may have a primitive visual idea or feeling that I want to express, but when the object I choose steps in ‘it’ will either align to my original aesthetic/feeling or ‘it’ will choose to counter it. I will either listen to its message and run with it, or I will preserve my case by playing with positioning or utilising other objects - but never am I dominating it’s nature - the balance of power in the relationship of myself with and the objects is finely tuned to the extent that this conversation continues until the very end of creation.

BM – You also run LEM, what is it like being both an artist and a curator?

DJN – Light Eye Mind is an ‘Artist-Run Space’ - I am an artist only. It is difficult, complex and time-consuming to run a space and still retain full attention on my own practice. We are a supportive team of artists who allow one another the gift of flexibility in organising our own creative time with our joint admin time. I am blessed with Team LEM.

BM – The thirty works in thirty days idea you completed recently is interesting. What was it like having to create so much work and did you learn anything about yourself from it?

DJN – 30Works30Days’ was organised by the 12ø Collective. During April 2016, This was a challenge that motivated me to create with purpose - I learnt to see the positivity in my art and that was personally inspiring.

BM – How do your works relate to the concept of the ‘Hypercube’?

DJN – The materials I have used live and decay the four-dimensional experience that includes time and movement as well as taking up the three-dimensional space of sculpture. I alter and distort the viewer's perception of the ‘quotidian’ role of the elements within my work. There is no one optimal view but an infinite number, determined  from interactive choices that only the viewer can make. There are also many ambivalences within these 2 pieces.

  • September 04, 2016
  • PROOF London