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'Parallel' - Darren John


'Parallel' by Darren John.

Exhibition: 22nd Oct - ..EXTENDED (Open weekends only)

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Taking the nature of imagination itself as subject matter, Darren John’s Parallel project continues to explore the value of the untamed creative spirit and the centrality of this mind set in artistic expression.

These works aim to celebrate creativity and the liberated imagination through an action focussed approach that favours both a universal colour palette and a bold contrast between the dark and the light.

When working from above, these works are made by pouring paint from a bottle directly on to the surface. This approach to image-making aims to move towards the mind and hand acting as a single entity. This attempt is made by restricting room for hesitation as a portion of control is relinquished to gravity, embracing an organic unpredictability. Similarly when applying this approach to image-making vertically, these paintings take advantage of the immediacies of Aerosol Paint and allow for much larger movements, utilising the full stretch of ones body.

By creating these works with these first time approaches, this series not only invites us to join John on his quest for unbound creative liberty, but also captures and lays bare the story of the physical process of the works, in three dimensional form.