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Benjamin Murphy

Benjamin Murphy is a visual artist who creates darkly alluring artworks using the esoteric medium of electrical tape.

Born in the tempestuous landscape of Yorkshire, Murphy started his art career at the same art college as Henry Moore, Damien Hirst, and Barbra Hepworth. Following this Murphy moved to the University of Salford where he attained first a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design and then a Master of Arts degree in contemporary fine art.

Upon finishing university he quickly moved to London and began exhibiting his electrical tape works. His first ever sale was sold through Sotheby’s for Anti-Slavery international in 2012, and his first solo show Abandon All Hope came a few months later at Hoxton Gallery.

Most of the inspiration for the works comes mainly from poetry and classic literature, and many of his titles are lifted from such authors as; Thomas, Plath, Poe, Beckett, Baudelaire, Camus, Nabokov, Keats, Borges, Steinbeck, Burgess, and Byron. As well as this Murphy is a voracious reader of art theory, aesthetic philosophy, art history, and art criticism.

His works are often un-posed portraits of a solitary figure situated within their homes, going about their daily lives with no concern for the viewers gaze. The backgrounds contain many elements that allude to hidden meanings, and he describes the still-lifes as a “zoomed-out vanitas”.

His works are ethereal and vague in what is depicted, often containing seemingly contradictory elements that combined with the use of perspective and the eyeless figures, creates a discordant feeling in the viewer.

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Giclee print with hand tape embellishment. Last item in an edition of 24. Approx size: 297mm x 420mm

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Lino print with hand stitched embellishment. Edition of 20. Approx. 297mm x 420mm